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IOPACK - Compressing MS-DOS 7/8 kernel (IO.SYS) + more (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 14.06.2019, 02:40

> > > For example, there is packed (and heavy patched) IO.SYS 7.10 2001 w/o
> > logo,
> > > but with integrated font loader and Cyrillic 8x16 font.
> > > link removed
> >
> > IO.SYS from Windows 9x is copyrighted software. Please don't post such
> > links!
> Really? It such problem? :-(
> OK...

Germany (.de) apparently frowns upon even links to such unauthorized copying of proprietary software. So even linking could get him (rr) into trouble, maybe. Perhaps your country is more lenient, but even here in the U.S., it's considered bad.

> Good, I understand. But what about toolkit?

Anything that you own the copyright to or have permission to redistribute is okay (preferably free/libre, aka four freedoms, aka FOSS).

FreeDOS' kernel is compressed with UPX, roughly 45 kb, not too shabby. (Thanks to Tom and others.)

MS-DOS is somewhat harder to find these days (MSDN??). You can make a system floppy in Win7 Explorer (extremely minimal MS-DOS; also optionally used by RUFUS), but Win10 doesn't include that anymore, allegedly. (Even Win7 will stop Extended Support in January 2020.)

"Just use FreeDOS!" :-P :-D


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