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Need help with DPMI function 301h (Developers)

posted by Laaca(R) Homepage, Czech republic, 16.08.2019, 08:09

> Hi,
> I don't know FP specific but do you really need to write it in ASM?
> DJGPP has DPMI wrapper C functions like
> __dpmi_simulate_real_mode_procedure_retf()
> that should do what you want. Maybe you have to take care about saving and
> restoring some other registers. Here's some info about DPMI 0301h

No, Freepascal does not have equivalent to this function. For DPMI 300h has, for DPMI 301h not. But even if it would be - other problém is; I don't know how to give the parameters via stack with this DJGPP function. I think it is not possible at all. And this PnP standard uses the communication not via registers but via stack.

In my old other project I use the DPMI 301h function without problems but here is not parameters passing through stack (I use it in my port of Digpak/Midpak sound library).



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