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Need help with DPMI function 301h (Developers)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 30.08.2019, 02:43

> Ok, there is no "official" assembler standard, so it's a bit vague here.
> For the MASM family of assemblers, the line "mov edi,r" would indeed load
> the CONTENT of data label "r" into EDI.
> For the NASM family of assemblers, the line "mov edi,r" usually will load
> the ADDRESS of data label "r" into EDI.

I think this is also because of a preference for brevity. That it, it's shorter to not have to specify brackets.


... is shorter (to read, easier to type) than ...

MOV AX,[MyVar]

... especially if done hundreds of times. But ...


... is more verbose than ...

MOV AX, MyLabel

... which is why some people prefer ...

LEA AX, MyLabel ; (only some few require brackets here)

... which is often translated into a simple "MOV" (to save a single byte per instance). But even that LEA->MOV translation "behind your back" is explicitly avoided in many assemblers, even later versions of MASM (where you were expected to use "opattr" inside a macro instead).

Borland obviously supported both MASM syntax (but barely any v6) in TASM as well as their own "Ideal" mode. Unfortunately, a lot of legacy MASM/TASM code never got translated to NASM or FASM or similar.


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