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jemmex (Users)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 30.08.2019, 02:49

> Modules using memory below 1 MB:
> Name Total Conventional Upper Memory
> -------- ---------------- ---------------- ----------------
> SYSTEM 108,784 (106K) 108,784 (106K) 0 (0K)
> COMMAND 9,504 (9K) 9,504 (9K) 0 (0K)
> DOSLFN 11,760 (11K) 11,760 (11K) 0 (0K)
> CTMOUSE 3,552 (3K) 3,552 (3K) 0 (0K)
> NDN 1,568 (2K) 1,568 (2K) 0 (0K)
> COMMAND 9,408 (9K) 9,408 (9K) 0 (0K)
> COMMAND 9,408 (9K) 9,408 (9K) 0 (0K)
> Free 499,840 (488K) 499,840 (488K) 0 (0K)

Is it mandatory that you shell out from NDN (for whatever specific task you're trying to accomplish)?

BTW, some apps don't need mouse or LFNs, so you can unload those TSRs manually/temporarily, if you need the RAM (as long as you have them loaded last, after all other unloadable drivers).

Are you using DR-DOS? This is why I preferred third-party drivers for RAM disk (TDSK) and cmdline history (TODDY) on my old Pentium. Those could resize/unload, unlike default ones.

Of course, it's also wise to just make a (D)CONFIG.SYS menu to choose at bootup which things to load. (And you can adjust FILES= and LASTDRIVE= accordingly, etc., to not waste what you don't need.)


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