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jemmex (Users)

posted by Japheth(R) Homepage, Germany (South), 31.08.2019, 10:04

> UMB supplied at b01f-b29e, allocated.
> UMB supplied at d000-da7f, allocated.
> UMB supplied at da80-db7f, allocated.
> UMB supplied at b29f-b7ff, free.
> UMB supplied at db80-dfff, free.
> so is there UMB?

Well, yes, isn't it obvious?

However, the DOS you're using behaves a bit different compared to MS-DOS/FreeDOS. While those DOSes allocate all UMBs as soon as they have been made available. your DOS (DRDOS?) seems to allocate UMBs only when actually meeded.

MS-DOS forever!


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