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Updated utilities (Announce)

posted by Zyzzle(R), 05.09.2019, 05:10

> > I'd be more inerested in a DOS utility whose sole intention is to
> > verify and work with SSDs, verifying them quickly, remapping bad
> 'sectors'
> > (bad blocks), and giving SMART status, etc
> It's not possible to go to such low level because it's a job of embedded
> controller in SSD and it's firmware that is instantly remapping bad flash
> sectors and hiding it from user (using ECC and wear leveling algorithms).
> When flash cells wear out and there are no left spare to remap data loss
> may suddenly happen. Or at least SSD switch to read-only mode in a better
> case. There is SMART attribute Total LBA written that may indicate you how
> many TB of data was written and compare it to typical SSD life. There may
> be also some other vendor specific SMART attributes that can tell better
> but it's not standardized, sigh...

Yes, but I did find a feature in HDAT2 which will almost do it. When told to verify and mark bad the "Unrecoverable blocks" (URBs), this at least will make failing SSDs usable a little while longer. I've had SSDs close to failing which have given CRC errors on large files. And such files appeared to be written to the drive OK, with no errors, but reading them back produced CRC errors, because the bad block areas were NOT marked bad by either the SSDs firmware or the OS. So, in summary, HDAT2 will appear to be able to read the entire drive and if it encounters any URBs, it will mark them "unusable" in the FAT or NTFS block tables. So, that's a great feature of HDAT2 which I appreciate very much.

And version 6.6 compressed to 371 kb, as stated, thanks for the tip. I wonder if as the author claims, the next version will support NVMe SSDs, if so it will be an outstanding utility to be able to recognize and see info on such SSDs in pure DOS.


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