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posted by RayeR(R) Homepage, CZ, 06.09.2019, 21:52

Uh, if I would see such failing SSD I will never want to use it anymore, just image it immediatelly and trash to bin. I had some failed USB sticks and all of them died suddenly and unrecoverable and as I heard from other users SSD died same way for them. If a cluster or LBA is marked bad or elimitated from FS usage it will not help becasue LBAs is still a high level that is translated to physical NAND FlashROM sectors via wear levelling algo. Once the FW decide to erase some block and move data elsewhere you will have problem again. It must be done in wear levelling FW to mark a physical sector bad. And I wonder it didn't do it as it have extra ECC spare memory part of a sector that should detect read errors and FW should remap them without user letting know it. At time when the reserved pool of spare sectors is exhaused by remaping it's too late and read errors can occur anywhere without being fixed by FW. Even it can happen that firmware stored in NAND too gets damaged ad you are f*****.

DOS gives me freedom to unlimited HW access.


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