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WANTED: TEAC FD-55GFR 5.25" Floppy Drive (Users)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 22.09.2019, 13:13

> I'm going to try to copy data from old DOS & CP/M format 5.25 floppy disks
> to an external HD.
> I've found a gadget on the web that will allow me to connect a 5.25"
> floppy drive to a USB port on my PC and read my old disks, even
> the CP/M disks from my old Kaypro 2 computers.
> The catch is that this gadget only works reliably with a TEAC FD-55GFR
> 5.25" or equivalent Floppy Drive. The seller tells me that he can't
> guarantee that it will even work at all with the Canon MD5501 Half Height
> 1.2MB floppy drive I have in my collection.

Eric Auer kindly emails me with this info:

> says: "It has been
> tested to work well with the TEAC FD-55GFR drive and
> should also work with most other PC-style 5.25" drives."
> ... so the whole point of great efforts to get exactly
> THAT specific Teac drive is probably not worth that
> effort at all! PC floppy drives are expected to be
> sufficiently compatible to each other. In the worst
> case, Will could try a few drives from local sources
> if the one from his own collection unexpectedly fails.
> He could probably return the USB adapter, worst case.


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