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DJGPP under DOSBOX (Emulation)

posted by glennmcc(R) Homepage E-mail, North Jackson, Ohio (USA), 25.09.2019, 02:38

> > What's wrong with your Win7? DOS/DJGPP programs generally works under
> > of all 32bit Windows, including Win10...
> I think it is some kind of misunderstanding. The console programs with line
> output indeed work but fullscreen console DOS programs (like Norton
> commander) do not work more.
> So DJGPP compilers work but not the rest of programming environment like
> Rhide (or SetEdit) editors connected to compiler.
> Another issue is some kind of memory limitation dedicated for NTVDM. If I
> remember it correctly the 32-bit DOS programs are limited only to 32MB
> which may not be enough with current DJGPP releases.

Do you not know of the perfect fix for such problems ?

deltree c:windows




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