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Getting the raw state of the keyboard with CauseWay? (Developers)

posted by myrkraverk(R), 18.10.2019, 01:26

> Ok, so I've been playing with the CauseWay extender for a bit, and I'm
> trying to read the keyboard. So far I've just been using OpenWatcom's
> conio.h. However, I cannot seem to get key events for things like
> control+space in DOSBox-X.
> Is there a way for me to get access to the raw keyboard? And if so, can I
> use that trick with CauseWay extended programs?

There are helpful answers on Stack Overflow but they're not protected mode.

I've read the CauseWay manual, and I know that interrupt handlers must be in locked memory. I also know how to do this from the mouse interrupt 33/C example in the Programmer's Guide.

Do interrupt handlers need to be compiled as 16bit rather than 32bit code?

Is this just as easy as compiling and installing said interrupt handlers from the SO answers with CauseWay?


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