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Getting the raw state of the keyboard with CauseWay? (Developers)

posted by myrkraverk(R), 23.10.2019, 01:16

> > If anyone here has some comments on the code, please share.
> The STI opcode isn't really necessary, since interrupts should already be
> disabled when the routine is called.
> Readinf/Writing port 0x61 is most likely a requirement for PC/XT machines
> only, to send an "acknowledge" (ACK) to the keyboard controller that the
> request has been handled. On AT and newer machines, reading port 0x60 is
> sufficient for this.
> Writing 0x20 to port 0x20 sends ACK to the PIC.

Thank you. I've gotten similar (and more detailed) replies on usenet as well.


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