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You Are DEAD, Grech!! (Miscellaneous)

posted by Jack R. Ellis, 10.11.2007, 19:47

I want everyone who uses this forum to look up the word "Kristallnacht"
on Wikipedia.

Last night, before I retired at 4 A.M. after a 21-hour day of dealing with
the GARBAGE of Andreas Grech and of "Sol" and "Steve" on this forum, there
were at least THREE posts in which I describe Andreas Grech as being "The
Burgermeister of Schilda". He has referred to Udo Kuhnt as being "A true
citizen of Schilda", and he now calls Kuhnt the "Evil DoctoR". Note which
letters are capitalized -- EDR, a direct reference to EDR-DOS.

It seems "poor Andreas" is still rather EMBARRASSED that thus far, GRECH is
the ONLY one who has been BANNED by Udo Kuhnt from the EDR-DOS forum. That
in my opinion makes him The BURGERMEISTER of Schilda, the MAYOR of a town
of FOOLS, for being as just-plain STUPID as he claims they were!

Now, I awake this morning and find ONLY ONE "Burgermeister of Schilda" post
on this forum is STILL THERE! I also see absolutely INCONGRUOUS (doesn't
"fit") posts in the name of Lucho, directed against him and calling him
"Professor", which absolutely NOBODY on this forum does EXCEPT GRECH! And
after noting Lucho's comments that some of his posts too are GONE, along
with Grech having ADMITTED in "The LIARS Club!! - Jack, 07.11.2007, 21:20"
that it was HE who had USURPED my name there as well, I will tell you ALL
what has happened:

Andreas Grech used his last-Summer's ADMINISTRATOR privilege on this forum
(while RR was away) and ran a "KRISTALLNACHT"! He KILLED OFF many posts
against himself, while he KNEW I would be sleeping and thus could not SEE
that my "Burgermeister of Schilda" posts were being DELETED! I have NO
DOUBT, NONE AT ALL, that Grech did the SAME to Lucho, as well!

DON'T BOTHER trying to delete THIS post, Grech! It will be in a "PM" to
Robert Riebisch, that I will send to him until the END OF THE WORLD, until
he at least acknowledges it. I don't CARE if he did not respond about my
requests to delete my drivers -- He WILL acknowledge my "PM" about YOU, or
he will CONTINUE to receive it until he DOES! Not my business, what if
any action he chooses to take against you: My drivers are now GONE from
Western Europe and the United States, FOREVER, EAXCTLY because of a few
"Kristallnacht" NAZIS like YOU!!!

WHERE did you get your TRAINING, Grech?? DACHAU, Maybe??

And to all who wonder WHY Andreas Grech's SORRY rear-end was THROW OUT
of the EDR-DOS forum, you can easily see, on that forum, that Udo Kuhnt
did so because Grech tried the SAME KIND of "hidden" Internet "games"
against Udo as his little "Kristallnacht" HERE!!

Grech, you sorry piece of NAZI GARBAGE, I am going to RUN YOU OUT of Free
software! I am going to make people hear such UGLINESS, about you, that
they will URINATE on your Chicken-Sh*t JEMM386 and go BACK to the EMM386
driver! At-least it was NOT written by a "closet" NAZI!! And I don't
CARE if some of your countrymen DETEST that word -- After your "Kristall-
nacht" last night, you are a proven NAZI, Grech, for thinking you could
"get away" with the same TRASH, AGAIN, as caused Udo Kuhnt to BAN YOU!!

He BANNED YOU, GRECH, and you still have LEARNED NOTHING from that!!

And please SPARE US all your confusing, sorrowful-sounding English, as I
had to explain to Alexey Voskov yesterday! Given your PITIFUL "3nd" in
the post where you USURPED my name, it should be OBVIOUS that I speak a
great deal BETTER English than YOU ever did, and I will go on explaining
all your "Dr. Mengele" SNAKE words to everyone, as NECESSARY, until they
see EXACTLY what a pitiful NAZI and a DISGRACE to Germany you really are!

You are DEAD, Grech!! I GUARANTEE it!!


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