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Interresting czech software (Users)

posted by Laaca(R) Homepage, Czech republic, 11.11.2007, 10:07

If you look for good DOS software you should look into post-communistic countries where Windows came later than in west Europe or America.
Look here: - and then "Download"

It not open source or freeware - it is abandonware. If you don't like don't read further.

Very interresting is all from company 602 software or from Cybex. Some of their programs have also english language implemented some not.

Personaly I most like a text editor Klasik. Installation is difficult - you have to select serial number and slowdown processor etc. so I uploaded on my site the installed application: http://laaca-mirror.ic/klasik.rar

Other interresting czech site is this one
It is a center of czech downgrade scene.
Important is that they have a very rare program: Ontrack disk manager.
It allows you to avoid BIOS limitations for large harddisks.



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