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UIDE and Soundblaster emulation (Users)

posted by Laaca(R) Homepage, Czech republic, 11.11.2007, 23:28

(I hope this topis will not start another flamewar - please be reserved)

Issue about 4MB barrier with Soundblaster and UIDE can be avoided with resiseable RAM-disks. For this purpose I recomend TDSK.
So - you have to load TDSK (with set 4MB or more RAM-disk) before UIDE. TDSK allocates memory from "base to top" so it will eat the first 4MB of memory. Than you load UIDE which has to allocate space for cache ABOVE these 4MB.
Than, later, in AUTOEXEC.BAT you resize TDSK to zero so a 4MB hole originates in memory.
Now I can whenever start the Soundblaster emulation.

Bad thing is that the drive letter doesn't disappear but I avoid it with JOIN command. I join the RAM-disk drive letter with some deep directory of my disk and problem is "solved".



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