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The "Junior" WARMONGER Has Arrived At Last! (Miscellaneous)

posted by Jack R. Ellis, 12.11.2007, 01:59

And VERY "junior" indeed, for having posted a website the neither I nor any
of the GOOD people on this forum likely even knew EXISTED!! Two MORE for
my E-Mail file to RR, and this posting by "Little Stevie" ought to mark him
an even BIGGER DISGRACE than that other WARMONGER from Canada!

What's the matter, "Little Stevie"?? Did your "boyfriends" at that site
throw your sorry rear-end OUT, for being just a bit TOO MUCH of a RACIST,
SEXIST, and for bleeding too much from all the "hook" holes in your lips??

14K+ and counting, "Little Stevie"! Got any more DISGRACEFUL posts you
AND ONLY you desire to make??

Oh, yes: My apologies for starting a new thread. Thanks to a friend and
belatedly to Herr Burgermeister, I now know you could DELETE your vicious
thread, at your discretion. No-matter: I have my E-Mail files, with
names and timestamps, and I am certain RR can confirm what is in them by
contacting other more RESPONSIBLE "registered users" than you, FOOL!!


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