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HDPMI16 - reprogrammed PIC (DOSX)

posted by jaybur(R) Homepage E-mail, UK, 23.11.2007, 17:39

Japheth, HDPMI16 won't work with EMM386.EXE from DR-DOS 7.03 because the latter remaps the master Programmable Interrupt Controller (PIC) from base Interrupt vector 08h to 50h. It says "HDPMI cannot run because the VCPI server has reprogrammed the PIC's" (or something similar).

What I'm wondering is why this is a problem for HDPMI16, since other DPMI servers can cope with this, and it won't upset properly written DPMI applications since there is a DPMI function (31h/0400h) that returns the base vector numbers of both the master and slave PIC's.


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