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Some links ... (DOSX)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 20.07.2007, 03:38

> If SHSURDRV indeed works then there most likely is no problem with the XMS
> move function anymore.
> I found another 486 (a DX2 66 MHz with 8 MB). I successfully ran the DJGPP
> binary unzip32.exe (v5.52 from Info-Zip). Perhaps if you send me the
> binaries which do crash so I can try them on that machine...

And here's the worst part: It works, but only on FreeDOS. :-P :-D

Eric had messaged me about my floppy distro, saying something like BOCHS messes up with HimemX by itself re: A20 always on but Japheth says this always works correctly in MS-DOS. So, hence, I only tested MS-DOS, thinking that FreeDOS was (technically) less reliable in some very minor way.

I tested HimemX 3.31 (with no JEMM386) for over an hour after booting my FreeDOS disk #1 (barely modified from what is on my homepage). RAM drive, TDEP, UNZIP32, UHarc, DOSZIP, everything worked. No problems whatsoever.

But poor old MS-DOS 6.22 didn't work so well when I tried it yesterday. Not sure why either. Any tips? I'll try 'em. Just tell me (here or e-mail).

Know your limits.h


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