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More Speed with QEMU and XDMA32/XCDROM32 (Emulation)

posted by Japheth(R) Homepage, Germany (South), 09.12.2007, 13:07


Qemu supports an UDMA Busmaster IDE controller. However, due to a BIOS limitation, the current X drivers (XDMA, XDMA32, XCDROM, XCDROM32) don't recognize it. This gives DOS running inside Qemu a disadvantage compared to Windows or Linux. Therefore a new option /P has been added to XDMA32/XCDROM32 to set the vendor and device ID of the Busmaster IDE controller. This allows to overcome the BIOS restriction and gives DOS in Qemu a speed boost for disk + dvd i/o.

How to use it?

1. download the modified X JLMs from XJLM.ZIP
2. add the /P option to XDMA32/XCDROM32 in CONFIG.SYS:

the /P option needs a parameter, which is the vendor (8086) and device ID (7010) of the Qemu IDE controller.

Other Changes:

1. There has been a bug fixed in XDMA32. The previous version didn't work with devices attached to the secondary IDE channel!

2. The /F option: This was the /UF option in the last versions of XDMA32/XCDROM32, but has been changed to /F.

Please be aware that the binaries in the XJLM.ZIP package are preliminary.

MS-DOS forever!


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