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USBASPI.SYS version 2.24 available (Announce)

posted by DOS386(R), 12.12.2007, 11:21

rr wrote:

> Panasonic Communications has released version 2.24 on 06 November 2007.

Thanks for pointing.

> EDIT by rr: removed direct link; Please don't use these,
> because users should read license first.

Agree, but here it's in Japanese only, and I don't understand this language - anyone does here in this forum ? :lol3:

RayeR wrote:

> isn't it a bit overboosted care about licensing and (C)?

NO. IMHO piracy is one of the most crucial evil things DOS should get rid of ASAP :hungry:

> that there's some readme explaining it inside the package
> so if you don't agree you can always delete it.

YES - it's Japanese only :lol3:

> In our country you can even link the illegal sw
> if it was not you who uploaded it.

Residual "newbie" tolerance ...

Well, the download works, even with Arachne (see shot), you just have to click on the YES button, not the NO one :lol3:


The file is Win32 PE GUI, no chance in DOS, not even with HX GUI and "ignore missing imports hack" :-( Seems to be a Win-LHA SFX full of garbage, and somewhere inside the USBASPI.SYS file can be found as well :-|

Judging from the Japanese texts, it is intended for fixing broken Windaube using IO.SYS "MS-DOS" 98/7.1 or ME/8.0 rather that to help DOS to compete against Windaube ...

Thus, I still consider Georg Potthast's [J]DOSUSB as more promising :-)


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