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TripleFault (DOSX)

posted by DOS386(R), 13.08.2007, 06:46

use32 ; 32-bit PM, flat ZERO-based memory, DPMI32 or Win32, CPL&YOPL irrelevant (!)

   sub  esp,8
   mov  ebp,esp
   sidt [ebp]
   mov  edi,[ebp+2]
   mov  ecx,32
   xor  eax,eax
   rep  stosd

Enjoy :lol3:

- Immediately and securely reboots from DPMI applications (there used to be some requests about this in the past ... anyone still interested ?), even if running in MEVDM :lol3:
- Possibly fails on NT ... if anybode has a solution for this please post it :hungry:
- This "invention" is actually "accidental" - but too good to be kept private :lol3:
- See also my other IDT thread please :hungry:

This is a LOGITECH mouse driver, but some software expect here
the following string:*** This is Copyright 1983 Microsoft ***


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