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GetFileSizeEx / Read&Write performance / Wiping (Developers)

posted by DOS386(R), 21.12.2007, 03:40
(edited by Rugxulo on 18.05.2009, 08:50)

Hi :-) (and sorry to those who might hate this :lol3: )

Download now


Tested huge file support and the FAT32+ a bit (see shot) :-)


FAT32+/GetFileSizeEx support in EDR-DOS works almost, except a silly bug that GetFileSizeEx reports the file 1 byte smaller than it actually is ... regrettably Udo had banned me from his forum so he won't find any report there :-( Reading and writing works. For files < 4 GiB seems to work well with "ordinary" read/write (no hack-flag set needed) and ordinary GetFileSize :-)

FreeDOS: Reading and writing 2...4 GiB seems to work (without hack-flag). GetFileSize doesn't (returns with C flag set) :-(

Features of my proggy:

- Create files of any size 1 byte ... 256 GiB (on FreeDOS only up to 4 GiB so far)
- Measure write performance
- Measure read performance
- Mass production of garbage
- Test huge file support of DOS kernels
- HD / storage media wiping (up to 4 GiB free space on FreeDOS only)


FATPLUS command filename [amount]


C - Create
G - GetFileSize & GetFileSizeEx
R - Read

"amount" is decimal and ignores possible "'" between numbers "1'1'2" -> "112"

Limitations and bugs:

- Source is ugly, not (yet) open, sent to Tom only so far
- Commandline parsing maybe not 100% safe
- Decimal number handling not safe > 10'000'000'000
- No HEX numbers
- Garbage looks good but might be not 100% crypto-safe

I still like the idea of FAT32+. I define DOS by it's features :clap: and not by some silly limitations.

I will no longer answer to previous thread, nor to any destructive post in any thread in any forum by anyone. So please waste your time and make yourself important if you think you must do so.


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