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Accessing SATA devices in DOS (DOSX)

posted by Japheth(R) Homepage, Germany (South), 14.08.2007, 11:58

just in case someone is interested to access SATA devices in DOS, here is some info based on my experiences:

1. SATA - as the name implies - still uses the ATA port interface :)).

2. to get the ports for a SATA device if it's not using the legacy ports
(1F0-1F7, 170-177), the BIOS must support int 13h, ah=41h and return
EDD >= 3.0 (should always be true for SATA motherboards)

3. calling int 13h, ah=48h for the drive will return if it's a PCI ATA device
and if yes, return the PCI bus, device and function number, which are
needed to call the PCI BIOS function B10Ah.

4. calling int 1Ah, ax=B10Ah (read configuration dword) should now return
the ports. Config dwords 4+5 and 6+7 are the ports for ATA, config dword
8 will return the port of the DMA controller.

MS-DOS forever!


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