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MS the "only hope"? (DOSX)

posted by RayeR(R) Homepage, CZ, 04.01.2008, 18:09

> If MS is your last hope then you're lost. I bet that this error will NOT
> be fixed in SP1. IMO the only thing which is reliable is that the quality
> of the DPMI implementation in NTVDM will continue to decrease. The times
> when MS was interested in compatibility are long gone.
> OTOH, this issue can possibly be fixed by a self-written VDD. It's not at
> all hard to do, it's almost trivial if you have some DOS and Win32
> knowledge.

And how about missing NTVDM on x64 systems? And successor of Vista? They surely kick out support of legacy things... Same as with HW I see the future is black. Only possibility will be then emulators and real dos machines - a second older compatible PC. Similar like people use their 8bit - ZX, Commodore, etc. we will need 2 machines. It would be nice to design an add-on PCI/PCIE card which would contain whole PC - PC in PC :) (some kind of LV pentium or so) with 100% SB sound and VESA display. And it would be able to share data and some hw resources of your main PC - redirecting keyboard and mouse and graphics will be drawn to an overlay window of your host OS and sure some shared HD drive... Of course I have some older PCs around but they are big and for interconnection you need setup network and use kbd/mouse/monitor switch...

DOS gives me freedom to unlimited HW access.


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