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VGAPaint 386 -- works on my old 486 (at least) (DOSX)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 22.07.2007, 00:50

Someone (Jose) posted here recently about having trouble getting VGAPaint 386 working on their old 486 w/ 16 MB of RAM in DR-DOS 5. Well, my 486 Sx/25 w/ 8 MB RAM running MS-DOS 6.22 runs it fine. (captured via Snarf)

So, I can't see any major reason (besides OS) for it not to work. I suggested at the time (and still suggest) he try a FreeDOS bootdisk (see my homepage).

I've never really used VP386 before now, but it seems fairly nice and well done, honestly. :-)

Oh, and VGAPaint 386 is freely available for download with sources here.

N.B. rr, it doesn't even need DOS/4GW available for download because VPLZ (included) can make it use PMODE/W instead. (Or maybe it's good since DOS/4GW, despite bloat, can support swapping in low-mem situations unlike PMODE/W?? I dunno.)

Know your limits.h


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