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HX is excellent (Developers)

posted by cdoty(R) Homepage, Houston, TX, 29.01.2008, 17:42

I wasn't sure what to expect when attempting to run a program under HX, but I only did minor changes to the code for it to work. It's amazing to see a game developed under Windows running nicely under Dos. I can do debugging in a comfortable environment, and be about 99.9% sure it will run in Dos mode. Excellent job.

One of the things I had to change was using GetModuleHandle to get the Instance. I removed this, and used 'NULL', and it works fine.

I am testing under PTS Dos 2000, using a DirectX application at either 320x240 or 640x480 (since some new motherboards VESA bios' don't support resolutions lower than this). I am using the default HX DPMI server, and haven't yet loaded a LFN driver.

The only other issue I has was sound. On an Asus CUV4X, with SB emulation turned on and and loaded, the audio seems to continuously loop the samples. The program appears to work fine, if the utilities are not loaded, but there is no sound output (could be that the volume is not turned up).


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