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16-Bit DOS Extenders (Users)

posted by rsites(R), 30.01.2008, 14:38

> So you tried the extern/pragma method? BTW, dare I ask, is there any huge
> reason for using Phar Lap and Borland 3.1 instead of something else? What
> cpu(s) are you targeting?

The code compiles, links and runs completely in real mode. It is when I link and run with Phar Lap 286/Extender that I get the "floating point formats not linked" error. Adding the extern/pragma method did not resolve this issue. I am using Borland C++ 3.1 because that is what the code is written in and has been run in over the last 10 years. I would like not to have to port this code to some other compiler. I am trying to use Phar Lap 286/Extender because it has been the only 16-bit extender that works with Borland C++ that I have been able to obtain. The code is run on a single board computer running Datalight ROM DOS 6.22.


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