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1 (!!!) cps | FreeDOS DEFRAG 1.3 released (Announce)

posted by DOS386(R), 19.08.2007, 07:18

From :

Imre Leber released a new version of FreeDOS?s defrag. You can download it from . It supports FAT32 and two new methods of defragging. All known bugs have been fixed :surprised: (Because defrag is a huge program with a large number of possibilities there may however still be something somewhere misbehaving, so make sure to make a backup first).

Imre Leber is known to tend to be too optimistic with his releases about "all bugs fixed" and "FAT32 works now" ...

Tested ... no "suitable" FAT32 partition, but FAT16 (not very fragmented) at least (hadn't really worked with 1.2x):

- No damage :clap:
- Very slow (cca 1 cluster per second, aborted (by me) after 1 h and cca 25% done)
- Seems to rewrite ALL contents of the drive
- Allows to put directories at drive begin (good :-) )
- Investigated with WDE: directories (all ???) indeed moved to begin, some directories were sorted correctly, some not (???)

Seems definitely better than older versions, please test more and report :-)

I simply refuse to run in Windows

Yeah ^^^ the HDPMI effect :lol3:

Hack: SET HDPMI=16384 ... didn't really help (see shot) :no:

Anyone can reproduce why FreeDOS Defrag shouldn't work if a DPMI host is present ? :confused:


This is a LOGITECH mouse driver, but some software expect here
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