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Networking with QEMU 0.9.1? (Emulation)

posted by sol(R), 11.02.2008, 23:00

> Does anybody know how to configure my system (host: Windows 2000, guest:
> some DOS, QEMU 0.9.1 + TAP-Win32 Virtual Network Driver) for Internet
> access from a QEMU DOS session? DHCP would be nice. ;-) I already read
> lots of web pages w/o success. :-(

I find the DOS NIC drivers (or perhaps QEMU's emulation of the NICs...) to be a bit buggy.


qemu -net nic,model=ne2k_isa

The NE2000 packet driver should then work.

Note that with this setup, the network is sort of emulated as well. DHCP will give you an IP of, and your host PC will be Keep in mind that the host can't contact the emulated PC directly.

You need to use '-net socket' if you want to do the more complicated networking :)


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