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ISA Sound Card (Miscellaneous)

posted by Deniska(R) Homepage E-mail, 13.02.2008, 00:11

I have 2 ISA sound cards: Sound Blaster AWE 32 and Sound Blaster 16. I have been experiencing problems with both of them on 2 different machines.

1. When I set "Plug and Play" option in BIOS to "NO", it configures my SB16 for IRQ 5, DMA 1 and HDMA 3. When I run the SB16 configuration utilility CTCM in DOS, it tells me to use DMA 1 and HDMA 1. Is it normal to set both DMA's to the same value? Mpxplay seems to play fine with HDMA 1, but fails with HDMA 3. However, several programs misbehave.

2. This is a more serious problem. I only get clean sound when none of my hard drives nor CD/DVD drives are accessed. For example, when I load Mpxplay with -bl switch, which preloads the entire song into memory before playing, I get perfect sound. However, without -bl I get static "clicks" whenever any of the LED's on my hard drives/CDROM drives flash. It obviously gets much worse while watching movies, since you get much more frequent media access.

Could anybody please suggest anything?


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