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Networking with QEMU 0.9.1? (Emulation)

posted by sol(R), 15.02.2008, 00:26

> > be a bit buggy.
> What problems did you have?

Same as you. NE2000 driver shows FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF for ne2k_pci, and the rtl8139 driver locks up. I find that I have to use rtl8139 for FreeBSD and ne2k_isa for DOS. Annoying.

> I use -net nic,model=ne2k_isa -net tap,ifname=tap0 now, but
> I'm still not satisfied, because there are too many things hard-coded now.
> I had to turn off DHCP for my real NIC (, because I had to
> tell my real router ( how to find QEMU's subnet (route
> traffice for over That would
> be OK for one network, but I'm connected to two networks at least (one at
> work, the other at home).

Why not also assign your TAP device to a network of 192.168.0.x, rather than having your router switch to that of the TAP device? Mind you, I've never played with TAP stuff, so no idea.

I'd have used socket instead of tap.


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