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Networking with QEMU 0.9.1? (Emulation)

posted by sol(R), 15.02.2008, 19:38

> I think that's a combined driver/QEMU issue. Crynwr driver is for ISA
> cards only, so it should fail for `ne2k_pciŽ, but there's probably some
> ISA code left over in QEMU, which makes the driver think it found an ISA
> card.

That was my thought as well...

> For `ne2k_pciŽ you need pk-8029(110).zip. You can get it from
> Realtek.

Cool, I'll replace the crynwr driver with this. It's not like I'll ever be using a PC with ISA in it.

> > rtl8139 driver locks up. I find that I have to use rtl8139 for FreeBSD
> I'm working on that. ;-) As a work around change
> at file offset 0x53D7 from 76 F9 to 90 90.

Interesting. What's the reasoning behind the change?

> How to route between 192.168.0.x and 192.168.0.x? ;-) Subnets must be
> different for routing. Meanwhile I found another interesting idea
> (bridging), but I still have to test it further.

There wouldn't be any need to route if you can get all the devices on the same network as your router. You set everything to use your router as its "default router" and assign them all IPs from the same subnet. Should all be able to access each other.

> > I'd have used socket instead of tap.
> But this way you can't access a QEMU guest from another PC in your
> network.



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