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DPMILD32 issues - spawn trouble: solution found ??? (DOSX)

posted by Japheth(R) Homepage, Germany (South), 22.02.2008, 07:18

> Good idea :-) But won't fix the main problem: I don't have a compiler :-(


> OK ... confirming receipt of hint, now supply evidence of
> evil please

they're evil because they force me, the innocent user, to use square brackets for accessing variables. And the '[' and ']' are very hard to type in on German keyboards.

> If it was good and safe it would be the default ;-)

No. It's similiar to the difference of DPMI v0.9 and DPMI v1.0 hosts. Some things can't work with DPMI v1.0 anymore. Sometimes new things have to "break" compatibility, you know?

> Still, I have no idea why a compiler needs full multitasking :confused:

It isn't "the compiler", but CygWin and MinGW want to provide a full environment with shell, make, gcc and this other lunix crap.

MS-DOS forever!


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