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Jemm v5.66, bugfix for Phar Lab TNT DOS extender apps (DOSX)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 26.08.2007, 05:58

> one day after Jemm v5.65 has been released, a severe bug in Jemm v5.6x
> concerning Phar Lab TNT DOS extender applications has been reported. The
> symptoms are easy to identify: a quick reboot if such an application is
> launched.
> fixes this bug.

(What uses that freak-o extender, old MASM?? Norton Ghost??? Whatever it is, it's something I don't have, heh.)

Anyways, I've been testing my own mini two-floppy FreeDOS distro (development version, soon to be uploaded) with JEMM, but I have had some problems lately running it (version 5.65 and later 5.66 too). Basically, it would hang (with floppy light "lit up" for endless amounts of time) after loading JEMM, but Devore's old HIMEM + EMM386 worked fine. Obviously, that ain't good. :-P

At first stumble, I turned on VERBOSE ("EPROM at C000", "EPROM at Ce80"), and I can only assume the problems are because of the Ultra IDE BIOS extension for the extra HDs in this P4 computer (since none of my others had problems). I'm fairly certain it's not the DOS kernel (tested two different ones) nor other programs messing with it (F8 / single-stepped). So I started using "X=C000-CFFF VERBOSE", thinking that would work (since "I=TEST X=TEST" didn't do what I hoped).

Then today I got exception 9 (whatever that is) with the latest JEMM. So I ended up using "X=C000-CFFF I=TEST VERBOSE", which apparently doesn't crash or hang or frell up (yet, anyways). So, that seems to be stable enough.

P.S. I don't think it's a bug in JEMM or FreeDOS, actually (though it's possible). Just reporting it here just because it was a minor issue for me. :-D

Know your limits.h


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