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Jemm v5.66, bugfix for Phar Lab TNT DOS extender apps (DOSX)

posted by Japheth(R) Homepage, Germany (South), 26.08.2007, 08:48

> (What uses that freak-o extender, old MASM?? Norton Ghost??? Whatever it
> is, it's something I don't have, heh.)

it's Ontrack "Easy Recovery" and "Data Advisor"

> Anyways, I've been testing my own mini two-floppy FreeDOS distro
> (development version, soon to be uploaded) with JEMM, but I have had some
> problems lately running it (version 5.65 and later 5.66 too). Basically,
> it would hang (with floppy light "lit up" for endless amounts of time)
> after loading JEMM, but Devore's old HIMEM + EMM386 worked fine.
> Obviously, that ain't good. :-P

I have to agree. :yes: However, I bet that v5.64 also won't work, while v5.63 most likely will.

> At first stumble, I turned on VERBOSE ("EPROM at C000", "EPROM at Ce80"),
> and I can only assume the problems are because of the Ultra IDE BIOS
> extension for the extra HDs in this P4 computer (since none of my others
> had problems).

Why didn't you reveal earlier that you own such a cool machine with a ROM *not* beginning on a 4 kB page boundary? That's a very good test case, you're engaged as Jemm "number one" tester.

> I'm fairly certain it's not the DOS kernel (tested
> two different ones) nor other programs messing with it (F8 /
> single-stepped). So I started using "X=C000-CFFF VERBOSE", thinking that
> would work (since "I=TEST X=TEST" didn't do what I hoped).
> Then today I got exception 9 (whatever that is) with the latest

Well, X=C000-CFFF should suffice. And exception 9 is "impossible" on P4s. :-D

> So I ended up using "X=C000-CFFF I=TEST VERBOSE", which
> apparently doesn't crash or hang or frell up (yet, anyways). So,
> that seems to be stable enough.

Hmm, I=TEST should make things less stable. If it improves stability, then there might be another bug which somehow "cures" the effects of the first one.

> P.S. I don't think it's a bug in JEMM or FreeDOS, actually (though it's
> possible).

FreeDOS is innocent, but Jemm most likely isn't.

MS-DOS forever!


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