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FPC for DOS / FreeDOS (DOSX)

posted by Japheth(R) Homepage, Germany (South), 12.04.2008, 07:33
(edited by Japheth on 12.04.2008, 08:03)

> It might not be impossible too to move dunes in the sahara using spoons.
> However it is neither useful nor productive :-)

> Worse, at least moving dunes is simple, yet just a lot of work. The danger
> with asm is that when it really grows, you'll never get it somewhat
> bugfree.

Usually those "ASM vs HLL" (or "DOS vs Windows/Linux") discussions are comparing apples and pears, because on the one side there are ASM/DOS fanatics and on the other side there are "victims of popular myths", believing that "the majority cannot be wrong". You're obviously on the latter side, but be warned: you're in a DOS forum, where some participants might believe that "the majority is always wrong" (or, more popular, that "one million flies might be wrong when sitting on a pile of sh*t").

I'm experienced in both ASM and C(++), so to choose ASM intentionally as implementation language might sound absolutely unreasonable for you - size and speed usually don't matter.

However, I'm doing just this, and I'm neither a masochist nor unreasonable. So there must be something wrong with your "spoon in the desert" picture.

There are some advantages of HLLs compared to ASM, portability is the most important one, but very often portability isn't an issue at all, and to a large degree portability is - as far as HLLs are concerned - a "myth" with few relation to reality.

Besides the portability aspect, if you compare a Win32 program written in (M)ASM and a Win32 program written in C, there is almost "no difference" in complexity. The ASM version probably will need slightly more lines for the same functionality, that's all. OTOH, constructs like

*((dir_node *)dir->sym)->e.constinfo->is_this_true = FALSE;

fortunately aren't possibly in ASM and therefore ASM hasn't the bad "write-only" image like some HLLs.

Even more, ASM programmers tend to add comments in their source, a habit which many C (and Pascal?) programmers seem to ignore - possibly because they're believing their language is "self-documenting"?

MS-DOS forever!


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