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Latest HXRT v2.12 (DOSX)

posted by Aspi, 23.07.2007, 01:00

I know, there is a nice Readme File in the binary package of HXRT v2.12, from which we can learn which file changed from latest package, and then go after each file to get a precise detailed view of what changed in each file, but could it be possible to also have a simple summary of the main changes in the new version ?


Extract :
  07/15/2007, V2.12: HDPMI V3.13, DPMILD32 V3.3.0, DKRNL32 V3.0,
                     DADVAPI V2.7, DUSER32 V.2.9.13, DGDI32 V1.9.8,
                     OLE32 V1.6, OLEAUT32 V1.6, VESA32 V1.9.5, PESTUB V2.8
                     don't mix DPMILD32 + DKRNL32 with older versions
                     of these files.

EDIT by rr: Changed subject. Original was "Lastest HXRT v2.12". Added {code} tag for easier reading.


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