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Arachne DOS browser and piracy :-( (Miscellaneous)

posted by DOS386(R), 29.08.2007, 16:36

2 news:

1. (possibly good)

Arachne is hosted by SourceForge now:

2. (definitely bad)

It still doesn't work for me. Tried again:

Abnormal program termination in the installer. 2nd attempt, same result (after backuping old installation) :-(

EDR-DOS instead FreeDOS, voila, installed, runs :-| ... almost ... looks nice, but graphics is somewhat buggy occasionally ... other "minor" problem: no access to the Internet :no: Arachne includes support for cca 3 cards, none of them matched (surprisingly ?) ...

Need a driver :surprised:


Any attempt to improve ^^^ driver support for new hardware is very welcome, but this test util did not work for me :-(

Searched driver ... no reasonable DOS network driver download exists :-( finally ripped it from a piracy boot-disk :-( It contains 6 files (is it really necessary ???), no documentation at all, and needs activation from both CONFIG-file and AUTOSTART-file ... done :-| Seems to match the card model at least ... but doesn't work ... crash in FreeDOS :-( EDR-DOS again, wow, driver initialization seems to pass ... according to one of the driver files, it does sit on INT 60 ... start Arachne ... no driver found at INT 60 :-(

The driver files come from companies I don't love very much like IBM,M$&Symantec , and don't work with Arachne ... no need to use them :lol3:

I looked at Arachne, some observations (OK, this is maybe not the best place to report bugs):

- The "CORE.EXE" seems to be a 16-bit RM executable, but uses 32-bit D**PP stuff to decode PNG and GIF - no optimal CPU usage, and definitely no "fully graphical" web browser on 80286 or 8086 :-(
- The package contains various obsolete and unuseful stuff. This issue, at least, could be very easily fixed :hungry: Found:
- - CWSDPMI v3 from 1995 (desperately obsolete and buggy, should be replaced by CWSDPMI v5 at least, better HDPMI32, even better (but not trivial at all) merge JPG&PNG support into CORE.EXE
- - CTMOUSE 1.8 - just remove (no need to include a mouse driver)
- - USBASPI advertising - no need, not Arachne related at all, and legally problematic
- - # obsolete & inappropriate "info"
- - Various documents and links to ArachneLabs - obsolete, almost no info about Arachne GPL status, up-to-date websites, and maintainers

I wonder how many people (except K. Udo) actually had Arachne working or "use" it seriously, and with what connection type or cards. Especially, whether someone has it working with a PCI Ethernet card.

If someone knows where to search for DOS drivers for PCI Ethernet cards (Linksys) - most what I found so far were "bootdisks" (very questionable stuff, mostly obviously pirated) - please post info :hungry:

This is a LOGITECH mouse driver, but some software expect here
the following string:*** This is Copyright 1983 Microsoft ***


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