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comment on flushing predecode queue (pre-Pentium) (DOSX)

posted by Ninho(R) E-mail, 25.04.2008, 13:09

> > and not meant seriously, as I noted, and you deliberately ignored the notice.
> 1) I ignored nothing - it wasn't in the message I responded to. 2) I
> didn't know what you would be writing later.

I wrote it an hour /earlier/, not later, than your message, This why I thought you deliberately ignored it. Alright, so you'd not seen it then;

(snip cause I'm not going to argue much. You're the Boss anyway)

> > Please stop this now !
> You make it difficult when your criticisms become personal.

Nothing personal. I was irated at Japeth self-proclaimed stubbornness, that's all there was.

> > > Oh no, not another political debate! Be warned... applies to you
> > > too, Steve!
> >
> > Thanks Rr!
> Thanks for what? He wasn't taking your side when he called for an end to
> the discussion you provoked.

Thank him for noting that his warning applied to you too!

Sorry, /you/ started this long and useless aside (look at the indentation and look at the time stamps). Had you read calmly the messages existing one hour prior to yours, instead of jumping onto your keyboard, I assume you wouldn't have.

OK ? Can everyone cool down ?



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