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comment on flushing predecode queue (pre-Pentium) (DOSX)

posted by Steve(R) Homepage E-mail, US, 25.04.2008, 14:18

> I wrote it an hour /earlier/, not later, than your message, This why I
> thought you deliberately ignored it. Alright, so you'd not seen it then;

I have by now checked the timestamps and seen that you posted the second message before my response to the first. But when I was writing, it wasn't on my screen because I hadn't refreshed recently enough. If you want to call that ignoring, go ahead. Will you accept my promise to refresh every 2 minutes or so, to keep up with you?

> (snip cause I'm not going to argue much. You're the Boss anyway)

Is that a Forum position?

> Sorry, /you/ started this long and useless aside

Did you really think a lunatic and offensive comparison would go unremarked?

> OK ? Can everyone cool down ?

OK. Flame away, I'm now insulated.


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