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comment on flushing predecode queue (pre-Pentium) (DOSX)

posted by Ninho(R) E-mail, 26.04.2008, 10:29

Said by RayeR :
> > I tested himemx v3.32 on intel 386SX/25MHz and it was initialized OK.
> > But it hanged when I tried to start DOS Navigator (it runs OK with MS
> > himem.sys or QEMM 9)

Good job! I /knew/ it would hang or crash at the first XMS block move. Glad you did test, and no need to remind you, have backups ready when you do this kind of hazardous operations !

Japheth says :
> Good. Half of the job is done. And now, what happens if you add this jmp
> $+2 to the code? (I know you're a good programmer, so don't play the
> stupid!).

I'm confident it'll work, you Saint Thomas ! (No "Godwin law" involved this time, I suppose :-) ) You see, "testing" can prove a program wrong, it /cannot/ prove it right. Only deductive logic can, and this lesson was first taught by a genius named Dijkstra in the 60s-70s; unfortunately almost nobody in the industry and very few in the Academy listened to him.

Hopefully, RayeR will be coming back soon confirming the fix, and this issue I helped raise shall be solved for the benefit of everyone. I'm not sorry I came to this board.



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