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mined version 2000.14 released (Unicode text editor) (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 30.08.2007, 04:09

Thomas Wolff released version 2000.14 of the mined text editor in July 2007.



    mined 2000.14

        * Text editing features: Case-insensitive search (except when searching for an identifier).
        * New command Alt-x toggles preceding character and its hexadecimal code.

        * Character encoding support enhancements: Additional option -E? just determines and displays text file encoding(s).
        * Additional option +E? just determines and displays terminal encoding.
        * Separated display of "isolated" combining characters (e.g. after TAB).
        * Improved text encoding auto-detection:
              o Improved detection of CJK encodings vs. 8-bit encodings.
              o Added auto-detection of Windows-"ANSI" (CP1252), PC-Latin (CP850), MacRoman.
              o Improved configuration of auto-detection.

        * Character input enhancements: New shortcuts for input of plain quote marks (in smart quotes mode).

        * Interworking enhancements: Terminal encoding handling:
              o Added options -f / -F to indicate limited font coverage of special characters.
              o Detecting and handling non-Unicode terminal with Arabic ligature joining.
              o Detecting and handling special width behaviour of rxvt, mlterm, konsole concerning unassigned characters, non-BMP, or non-Unicode characters.
              o Applying display replacement for illegal Unicode characters by default (codes ending with FFFE/FFFF, surrogates, non-Unicode code points).
              o Fixed a lot of other remaining width display inconsistencies.
        * Making use of window focus out/in reports (xterm 224).
        * Workaround for xterm 224 bug which could lock up the terminal.
        * Adjusting display details to properties of gnome-terminal, konsole.
        * Considering termcap information of function key escape sequences.

        * Miscellaneous changes: Increased speed of some UTF-8 search operations by a factor of ~ 40.
        * Colour highlighting of DOS/Mac line end indications.

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