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Virtual PC and HX (DOSX)

posted by Japheth(R) Homepage, Germany (South), 18.07.2007, 19:19

There were some emails over the past months complaining that HX doesn't run on Virtual PC (2004 and 2007). Well, my point of view still is that this is a VPC problem, but nevertheless there is a modified HDPMI32 available which might run in VPC:

Some details: this modified version runs clients with IOPL=0, the standard version runs them with IOPL=3. To run clients with IOPL=0, HDPMI has to handle all protection faults caused by IO sensitive instructions (CLI, STI, IN, OUT) internally, run them in ring 0 and return to the client. This slows down execution to some degree, so better don't use the modified version outside of VPC.

MS-DOS forever!


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