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Sour grapes? No. Just the right to defence! (Announce)

posted by lucho, 06.05.2008, 13:42

> > > It has been brought to my attention that Lucho does not like me posting 4DOS announcements here.
> >
> > For what rational reasons?

Because if someone attacks 4DOS or me, I couldn't defend myself as I was banned. (Remember that I have a few enemies here who have repeatedly offended myself, my friends, our socialist past, and so on, while denying me defence by banning me.)

> Sour grapes? ;-)

If you hint the fable of Aesop for the Fox and the Grape, no!!! This forum isn't the "sweet grape" that everybody in the world except me could "enjoy". I don't aspire for it. There are other DOS forums in the world and yours isn't the best.

> EDIT: Maybe give him a week-long temporary account (possibly
> extended)? I'd assume he could behave himself.

Thanks, this will allow me to defend myself if someone attacks 4DOS. Otherwise, I will refrain myself from attending this forum anymore, because my enemies will enjoy again attacking me, and defending myself from such attacks isn't much fun.

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