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Sour grapes? No. Just the right to defence! (Announce)

posted by lucho, 06.05.2008, 18:59

> Who attacked you or 4DOS here recently? Rugxulo just posted an announcement about 4DOS.

Nobody, for which I'm thankful, but they could. "Where it leaked, it'll leak again" (a Bulgarian proverb). Let's hope not.

> I will not talk about this sh*t again.

No, I was banned for another reason!

> > There are other DOS forums in the world

> Could you please name a few?

Udo's board, the mailing lists for FreeDOS, the Russian FIDO7 DOS newsgroup... Not strictly forums, but close...

> Which one is the best? And why do you think, it's the best?

You'd disagree, of course, but I think that Udo's is the best, solely because of its users (nobody enjoys attacking other people there). As a technical design, yours may be superior, but some people have discredited it in my eyes.

It's the people who matter most in this world, and of course, the society.

Anyway, thank you for lifting the ban on me. I decided to take advantage of this, although some may now interpret this as "the fish biting the bait" and start playing the same bad old game again... What pleasure they have in this?!

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