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Sour grapes? No. Just the right to defence! (Announce)

posted by lucho, 07.05.2008, 13:40

> Why do you think so? I don't expect this forum to be the best by now, but I want to make it the best in future.

Great, and let's hope that it will be able to attract the best DOS people too.

> Sorry, but here I really have to disagree. Users might be very nice at Udo's board, but there's no content.
> You can count recent topics on the fingers of one hand.

True, but quantity doesn't mean quality, nor quality means quantity.

> > It's the people who matter most in this world, and of course, the society.
> Just dreaming? Money rules the world. There is no denying.

You're probably too young to understand how far this common misconception is from the truth.

> We'll see, what happens next.

Nothing bad initiated by me. So everybody worried by my return can calm down.

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