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4DOS 7.63 released (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 08.05.2008, 01:45

> > But OK, let's face this experiment. I'm re-enabling his account now. I
> > guess, we'll see very soon, that this was a bad idea from you.
> :-|

Is a permanent ban really that useful? I mean, sure if someone is really really persistent, otherwise I do think temporary is more just.

> This seems to be a absolutely clear case of "Wenn's dem Esel zu wohl wird,
> geht er auf's Eis". :-D
> Or, in other words: it was a small step for you, but a great step
> backwards for the forum.

Only if it all turns into flames, and the same solution can be used as before (unlikely, IMO). None of us are perfect. And more DOS fans having useful discussions can't be bad.

> One bad impact can be seen already: it's now virtually impossible to
> discuss 4DOS here, since we all know what these guys understand by the
> term "attacking".

I haven't really seen any remarks about 4DOS here at all, so I think worries about that are moot. (I'll admit, I very very very seldom use it as I'm not really familiar with its advanced features, mostly due to other interests.)

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