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4DOS 7.63 released (Announce)

posted by Japheth(R) Homepage, Germany (South), 08.05.2008, 10:08

> Is a permanent ban really that useful? I mean, sure if someone is really
> really persistent, otherwise I do think temporary is more just.

> Only if it all turns into flames, and the same solution can be used as
> before (unlikely, IMO). None of us are perfect. And more DOS fans having
> useful discussions can't be bad.

One single person can "destroy" a forum if the admin doesn't stop it. And this one has already proven what his intentions are. So yes, IMO it was an "unwise" decision.

> I haven't really seen any remarks about 4DOS here at all, so I think
> worries about that are moot. (I'll admit, I very very very seldom use it
> as I'm not really familiar with its advanced features, mostly due to other
> interests.)

I'm also not interested in this thing, but that's irrelevant, it still is a restriction of freedom.

MS-DOS forever!

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