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only 4DOS- or DOS-related talk, please (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 09.05.2008, 04:15

> > I didn't permit this intentionally. It just was the default setting for
> > this forum software.
> It was your duty to know how forum software works and which were its
> problems. It was totally incorrect that someone could delete his own
> posts, but this WAS possible in this forum!
> > Feelings often lead you into the wrong direction, but I know for
> > sure what I did or not did.
> What do you think about your opinions when you sustain a born-dead
> rationally speaking point of view?

None of this talk is related to 4DOS, directly or indirectly. Please try to stay on-topic (4DOS) or close enough (COMMAND.COM, DOS). Nothing good will come from antagonizing either the admin of this forum (who legally is probably allowed to delete / modify whatever he wants) or the current 4DOS maintainer (which is definitely a powerful / useful util for DOS).

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