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BIEW bug?? (GPF in RMCB under JEMMEX) (DOSX)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 12.05.2008, 21:57

> > EDIT: Only stuff like IDLEDPMS and HXLDR32 and UIDES. BTW, I'm looking
> at
> > BIEW's src, but I don't see anything strange that would cause any huge
> > issues. Oh well.
> What does "Oh well" mean? That your interest has waned to some other piece
> of soft? Or, if no, did you try Dos386's suggestion to remove JemmEx? If
> yes - what were the results?

I can't even be sure what caused the problem. All I can do (if you want) is retry with DR-DOS' EMM386 (or maybe only HIMEM): BIEW -> Shift+F6 (SysInf) -> CPU Performance. But even retrying here on WinXP, if I try more than once, it seems to stall (probably "hang", but I'm not gonna wait for hours just to be sure).

In short, it's too small an issue to worry about (assuming it's a BIEW bug).


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