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Please stop your personal attacks! (Announce)

posted by rr(R) Homepage E-mail, Berlin, Germany, 13.05.2008, 12:20

> The inevitable happened. All my enemies are here now.

They are not your enemies. They just have different opinions.

> It's obviously much
> more important for them to attack someone whom they know is too sensitive
> (just to enjoy the damage they do to him!) than to offer something
> constructive.

I see. But this also applies to your friend Khusraw, who obviously still lives in this forum's past.

> Robert, because of the repeated personal attacks to me and
> 4DOS, I hereby request that you take some measures against those 3
> individuals, as the forum administrator.

What shall I do? Ban those three? This is still a discussion forum and I see different opinions here, but no personal attacks. But you are right, many recent posts should have been more objective. Therefore I admonish everybody to be more objective!

Nevertheless either choose to clarify wrong statements like sol's "4DOS is bloatware" or ignore these.

> Their biggest wish is that I leave this forum, but just because of this I
> won't.

Glad to hear that. :-) So be wise and ignore them.

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